5 Reasons to be an energyXchange Tough Mudder

1. Strength. Training for the Tough Mudder will get you in the best shape of your life. We are proud to offer the right combination of strength classes to help you build the strength you need to be a Tough Mudder.

2. Flexibility. Any well-rounded athlete must be both flexible and strong. Weekly Yoga training is strongly recommended to keep you limber, strong, and properly aligned.

3. Endurance. The event is 16-19 Kilometres with lots of running. Join our Tuesday Spring Running Clinic at 6 pm. to kick-start your running training.

4. Mental Toughness. Be prepared to overcome your weaknesses, face your fitness fears, and transform your body and mind.

5. Team Comraderie. Tough Mudder is a team event. We train together. We race together. Here is a great opportunity to get to know your instructors, team members and represent energyXchange!

What is Tough Mudder?

Tough Mudder is a 16-19 kilometre extreme obstacle course full of mud, running and a gauntlet of fitness challenges. Watch the following video clip showcasing the race and it's various challenges!

Who is leading it?

Colin Outram Personal Trainer, Instructor and RMT Team Leader extraordinaire
Kymberly Crawford Personal Trainer, Kinesiologist and Active Care specialista
Vanessa Montenegro Pilates, Yoga, Running and Fitness Instructor fantastico

Where & When?

energyXchange's team will be racing Sunday, August 19th 10 a.m. at Coldwater, Ontario - approximately a 90 minute drive from Toronto.

Why you are EXCITED!

Here is a great opportunity to get in the best shape of your life! We are offering this event to our mebers (at cost) who like to train hard and want a tough challenge. Vanessa, who instructs the Spring Running Clinic can advise you on how to prepare for the running component of the race, while Colin and Kym can advise you on the best combination of classes at energyXchange to help you prepare for the strength component.

GIVE ME MORE... There is also a complimentary Report of Findings Analysis (R.O.F) leading up to the event to keep you on track and if you choose, for an extra $60 per week*** you can have a 1 hour of Personal Training in addition to access to the Cardio Circuit on your own time.


Step 1: Go to our team Registration Page and secure your spot!
Step 2: We'll be in touch with you to help you get started in planning your training!!

We're a Team!
Keep in mind this is a team sport so we'll be working together to overcome obstacles and motivate one another to finish the race. Carpooling, hotel recommendations etc. will be arranged in months to come. If you have questions or concerns, please call 416•727•9884 or email colin@myenergyxchange.com

***Xtreme Members

Information Provided By: Colin Outram, RMT Team Leader, Personal Trainer & Instructor.

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