About Us

Forget everything you know about gyms because we are not a gym. Forget all the bad experiences and lack of motivation. Forget about your roaming around staring at the equipment, not knowing what to do next, at all, or simply having absolutely no energy to do it. Forget about the next fitness fad, the next diet fad, the next anything fad. Forget about what you used to look like, or demand to look like. Forget about stressing every minute of every day about food and exercise. Finally, forget the feeling of feeling like crap.

Here at energyXchange we are there for you every step of your way. Our aim is not only to be your support system, but your network of people who care, who are knowledgeable and who really want to help.

We have 40+ classes per week that are all based around the Mind/Body Connection, Functional Training and Muscle Confusion. From Yoga to Pilates, to TRX, Kettlebells, and Gravity we have hired the best teachers to teach the most up-to-date and guaranteed result-driven offerings and placed them all under one roof.

Come on in and don't worry about what you should do next, what classes to take, or how often you should come. We will help you with all of that and much, much more. This is your path. We are just here to get you in the right direction.